"You win some, you lose some, It's all the same to me. The pleasure is to play." -Motorhead



Ace of Spades & Good Luck Lounge

Ace of Spades, a rambunctious rock club in downtown Sacramento, came to us to help tell the brand’s story. They wanted the name and logo to stay, but the identity needed to be worked into a larger, more expansive brand foundation that could be brought to life across all guest touchpoints.

Additionally, they asked us to develop a brand strategy and design language for their new cocktail lounge next door, the Good Luck Lounge, in a way that played into the venue’s story. We pulled up a seat to the table.

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What We Did

  • Brand Identity
  • Signage
  • Illustration
  • Interior Design
  • Apparel Design

How We Did

Through the creation of an expansive brand story, we were able to communicate the rich history and unique vibe of the venue for the first time since its inception.

Developing a responsive identity helped address brand fragmentation and provide them with a robust library of tailored brand assets that could be used on the fly for specific applications.

Ace of Spades Identity

The brand story we developed was built around the idea of the rush. The rush you get when you’re at a venue, sweating, feeling the energy from your favorite band is a similar rush you feel when you’re on a winning streak at a blackjack table. To keep within the venue’s theme of cards, and rock and roll vibe, we positioned the Ace of Spades as the “Dealer of Sound”.

A venue that deals out new experiences every night to guests, giving them that same, exciting rush that you get from laying it all on the line. We borrowed from vintage Vegas casino aesthetics, introduced a black, red, and cream color palette and played with poker phrases to breathe new life into the brand.

Ace of Spades Illustrations

The illustration suite we created captured the vibe of old Las Vegas. A place where you are just as likely to see street art, your favorite skateboarder or band, along with the expected elements of a life in the fast lane. We sought to establish a timeless aesthetic that embraced the club’s authentic grit.

Ace of Spades Collateral

Building on our philosophy that a brand comes to life through application and execution, the expanded design language was proven out across a varied range of collateral that included show posters, social media templates, signage, and menus.

Ace of Spades Apparel Design

Leveraging the expanded design language, we crafted a capsule collection of merch that allowed fans, artists, and staff to show their love for the venue in spades.

Good Luck Lounge Identity

The Good Luck Lounge was intended to be a place for music fans to not only pregame before shows and celebrate afterwards, but also stand on its own during the week. It had to play nicely with the Ace of Spades branding, but also maintain a vibe of its own.

Our idea was to make it feel like a high rollers club to the Ace of Spades’ casino. For the color palette, we introduced a poker table green, and an elegant gold to elevate the space. We then weaved these elements throughout the interior design of the space, as well as in promotional materials.

Good Luck Lounge Illustrations

Our concept for the Good Luck Lounge was that it was the place to go when you needed to get lady luck on your side. Somewhere you could go if you have a big interview the next day, or you’re with a first date you’re stoked on. And with a special entrance into the Ace of Spades, allowing for guests to cut the line and get right up front, it really felt true. With that in mind, we created a slew of graphics to help encourage people to embrace the luck that this lounge provides.

Good Luck Lounge Collateral

We brought the brand to life in the space as well. We designed coasters, menus, and even helped design the interior of the space, all themed around the idea of a lucky high roller club.

We also created a few glasses with “LUCKY YOU” embossed on the bottom. If a guest was poured a drink into one of these special glasses, they could bring it back to the bar and get their next drink free. A fun reason for guests to choose the Good Luck Lounge amidst all the bars on R street.

Good Luck Lounge Apparel

We further brought the brand to life with a line of fresh t-shirts that would hopefully help guests get lucky themselves.

Ingredient icons on a pink poster texture background
Ingredient icons on a pink poster texture background

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