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Every so often, a company will come to us when all they have is an excellent idea. An idea that you just know is going to be revolutionary. This was the case with Dispatch Health.

Their idea was an app that would make seeing a doctor as easy as ordering an Uber. See the doc, without you having to get up and leave your bowl of chicken noodle soup. So we started from scratch, literally. They didn’t even have a name yet. We conducted research, formalized a strategy, and helped them go from idea, to product, to household name. In the end, we ended up doing way more than just branding. We built and designed their website, their application, and even the backend app that their doctors used to write down notes and organize everything. Dispatch Health (the name we landed on to represent the speed of care provided) launched in Denver.

Today, they are in more than 20 states, have a $1.7B valuation, and the brand look and feel we established is carried on through their internal design team. Yeah, they got big big.

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What We Did

  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Motion Graphics
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Print Collateral

How We Did

By creating a disruptive, robust, and simple brand identity for this disruptive company, we were able to help Dispatch Health gain a massive awareness.

When they reached out to us, they merely had an idea, and we helped them bring it to life as they tested in Denver and spread into other markets. Today, they’re active in more than 20 states nationwide, and have a $1.7B valuation.

Brand Identity

The branding environment in the healthcare industry is chock full of boring stock images, cheesy smiles, and is largely devoid of any real personality at all. Not fun for us, or anybody, really. So the identity we created for the brand needed to be as unique and disruptive as the service itself. We illustrated a cartoon vehicle that we called the Rover, to represent that this mobile service would be agile, friendly, and easy. For the word mark, we embraced a typeface that balanced the line of being approachable and sophisticated. We then further built out the brand after we landed on that look and feel, designing everything under the sun. Their uniforms, cases, cars, apps, and even their letterhead and business cards.


We further brought the disruptive brand system to life with illustrations. Cute, quirky symbols helped take the fear away from calling the doctor, while also standing out in the industry’s sea of sameness.

We made the Rover a flexible illustration, allowing it to visually tout some of the different capabilities Dispatch Health offered in a friendly inspector Gadget sort of way. The background graphics represented a top-down view of city streets, while also being reminiscent of code, speaking to the modernity of the company.

Print Materials

Printed materials were given the same approachable, sophisticated look and feel as the rest of the brand. We added friendly illustrations to represent their doctors, and overall designed the printed materials to have a Silicon Valley-esque elegance and simplicity. We also designed kits that were given out to customers when Dispatch Health became an in-network provider for insurance companies such as Cigna.

Website Design

We built the website and mobile apps from the ground up. By working closely with their team of physicians and conducting research, we were able to build a web portal for clients that was elegant, simple, and had cutting-edge UX. Additionally, we built the  backend tools for the patient platform that their doctors used when conducting mobile visits. All of this was designed to be user-friendly first, and simple, elegant, and branded second.

Eventually Dispatch Health grew enough to hire a robust internal web design team of their own, and we helped bring their team into the fold as they ended up still using the apps and website that we originally built for them.

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