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Leopold Bros.

Leopold Bros, one of Denver’s oldest distilleries, was experiencing growth stagnation after nineteen years with the same look and feel. This problem was affirmed by distributors and buyers who remarked that the labels didn’t reflect the quality and craft of the product. So, the brothers, Scott and Todd, reached out to us to overhaul their brand with new packaging, label systems, and sales collateral. Our work was centered around using the power of  design to elevate the perceived value of their spirits. As it turned out, pleasing the eye had a direct correlation to pleasing the palate.

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What We Did

  • Label Design
  • Illustration
  • Apparel Design

How We Did

Whether you admit it or not, one of the most important features of a spirit is how nice it presents itself on a shelf. And we have the proof. By merely refreshing their brand with our new look and feel, Leopold Bros. were able to:

  • Increase the perceived value of their spirits

  • Raise the price point per sku across the board

  • Broaden their distribution 10x

  • Launch their most expensive bottle to date

Whiskey Labels

When it came to the Leopold Bros. Whiskey portfolio, we developed a design language that was centered around their biggest drivers of distinction: ingredients, terroir, and process. Each element is presented in a subtle manner, using a combination of embossing, debossing, varnishes and/or foil embellishments for visual storytelling that is meant to be discoverable.

Gin Labels

Leopold Bros. uses a unique distillation process that captures the flavor profile of every ingredient, so we created a series of detailed illustrations to help tell that story. The illustrations, coupled with richly textured paper, color, and the use of foils, helped set them apart from other gins on the shelf and captured the sophistication and unparalleled craft that goes into making every one of their gins so distinct.

Liqueur Illustrations

Leopold Bros. Liqueurs are each crafted from more than a thousand pounds of real fruit, with no artificial flavors added, ever. We drew inspiration from this process, as well as botanical posters, for the label system. We created water color-esque illustrations of each fruit found in the bottle and put them front and center. This approach upholds the refined look of the brand while reinforcing the promise that when it comes to Leopold Bros. spirits, what you see is what you get.

Apparel Design

After more than 25 years in business, the brand had amassed a cult-like following. We capitalized on it with t-shirts, glassware, and prints. Initially, there was skepticism as to whether or not fine art prints would sell, but they flew off the shelves and out the door in just a week’s time. Once again proving that this brand had made the transformation they were working towards. The goodness on the inside at long last matched the brand on the outside.

Various gold illustrations on a black background.
Various gold illustrations on a black background.

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