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The Marquis Theater

The Marquis Theater had a drastically disjointed identity. The venue had multiple logos in play, with the most prominent one being carried over from the club’s days as a metal/hardcore venue. This caused some artists to look past the Marquis as a stop on their tours.

So, to attract more diverse acts and audiences, the Marquis Theater reached out to our studio to craft a cohesive brand identity. They challenged us to give them a brand refresh that built on their punk/metal roots to appeal to every genre. Oh, and it had to nod to the NY style pizza shop located inside of the club.

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What We Did

  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Signage System
  • Apparel Design

How We Did

Through our rebrand, we helped The Marquis diversify its acts and audience without alienating their core. The new identity allowed them to open their doors to a wider array of music, and amplify awareness of the club as a whole. We gave people a reason to catch a show even if they didn’t know who was playing. That meant more ticket sales, more stoked bands, and more fans.

Brand Identity

Before we put our wacom tablets and track pads to work, we lasered in on a key insight. A lot of big acts have played at the Marquis. Acts that today are selling out shows with 20x the capacity. Lizzo. Wiz Khalifa, Portugal the Man, and even the Jonas Brothers. Just to name a few. The Marquis has this unique, intuitive ability to book artists who are punching well above their weight.

So we flipped the idea of the club being “small” on its head. We touted it as a benefit. A curated space where you can see an act before they start playing large amphitheaters and arenas. A hipster cred dispensary. We branded it “The Prophetic Eye” and everything else fell into place. We created a new brand mark, symbolizing the all-seeing-eye, and wove mystic references throughout the visual identity. And we brought cohesion to the previously segmented brand. Everything laddered back to the idea that this club has the almost supernatural ability to book future legends. And perhaps best of all, the Marquis maintained its gritty, authentic image.

Marquis Collateral

We further brought the brand to life with handbills, show posters, social templates, and merch. Marquis shirts turned into a lowkey sign that you’re in the know about emerging musicians. And our intriguing venue posters mysteriously let music fans know that “the all seeing sound” is here.

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