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New Belgium Brewing Company

New Belgium is a legendary Colorado brewery that has been around for more than 30 years. When they first came to us, they only needed help creating a website. A hub for their story, their different beers, online ordering, and everything in between. Soon after developing and designing the site, they reached out to us again to help them with more work, and it didn’t take long before we were working on video, animation, illustration, retail displays, internal videos, and everything under the sun for the brewery. We became an extension of the New Belgium team, one they knew they could come to for anything. Yes, anything. Except that.

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What We Did

  • Label Design
  • Copywriting
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Motion Graphics
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Video Production

How We Did

After designing and developing their website to be secure, mobile-friendly, and offer robust online ordering, their online sales rose 40-50%. As an extension of their team, we’ve been able to help them develop fresh new ideas for their products, and greatly multiply the speed and efficiency at which they’re able to produce videos, websites, animations, and marketing materials.

New Belgium Main Brand

Website Design & Development

New Belgium is the godfather of craft beer in Colorado, and as a result, it has a lot to talk about. We designed and developed a robust site that not only allowed craft beer enthusiasts to have fun learning about each of New Belgium’s offerings, but we also expedited the beer-ordering to beer-drinking process. An important efficiency consideration for beer lovers everywhere.

Monitor cutout with paper borders
Phone cutout with paper borders
Phone cutout with paper borders
Phone cutout with paper borders
Mountain Time

Television Ads

The wide array of creative challenges that New Belgium has thrown our way have tested our capabilities across our full suite of services. This includes the television and radio ads we produced for Mountain Time, New Belgium’s new premium lager, that run during The Colorado Avalanche games on Altitude.

Virtual Tour

A brewery tour is an opportunity for beer fans to really dig into the brand and learn about what makes that brewery different. So we created virtual tours for each of New Belgium’s major campuses, Fort Collins and Asheville, to give beer fans a taste for the tour experience and inform them about each of the major brand pillars: craft, sustainability, innovation, and of course, delicious, tasty beer.

Bar area at New Belgium in Fort Collins
Bar area at New Belgium in Asheville

Founder Video

To commemorate New Belgium’s 30th anniversary, we created a short film about the brand’s history with co-founder, Kim Jordan. We spiced it up by adding animations, illustrations, and overseeing the cinematography and editing to make sure everything felt fun and on brand.

30th Anniversary Video

To celebrate the brewery’s 30th anniversary, New Belgium collaborated with Brooklyn Bike Company and artist Joshua Ariza to release a limited edition bicycle for the public. We helped them create a video that would tell the story behind this incredible, customized two-wheeled noble steed. One guess as to how many bottle openers it has.

voodoo ranger

8bit Arcade Design & Development

Voodoo Ranger is a New Belgium brand that really could be a brewery of its own. They introduce new rotating IPAs seasonally, and are constantly pioneering new flavors. So we created a website that let the beer world stay informed about Voodoo Ranger’s latest offerings, tasting notes, and let them vote on seasonal rotators. 

Within that website, we also concepted, designed, and coded a microsite for fans to explore the brand called Voodoo Ranger’s House. We filled it with easter eggs, surprise promo codes, and, of course, a virtual arcade with custom Voodoo Ranger 8-bit video games. Check it out, but don’t be surprised if the next time you look back at your clock it reads 3 am.

Monitor cutout with paper borders
Phone cutout with paper borders
Phone cutout with paper borders
Phone cutout with paper borders
Fat Tire

Website Design & Development

In addition to the refresh video, we also refreshed the Fat Tire website to match the beer’s new look and feel. We integrated sustainability information, beer notes, a shop, and stories all into one site that lived underneath the New Belgium umbrella.

Monitor cutout with paper borders
Phone cutout with paper borders
Phone cutout with paper borders
Phone cutout with paper borders

Climate Change Campaign Video

Along with the new flavor, Fat Tire, also acquired a new mission: to reduce the beer industry’s impact on our planet. So after Fat Tire became America’s first certified carbon neutral beer, we created a video and website to help New Belgium tell the story of how they made a carbon neutral beer, why it’s important, and how other breweries can do it too.

Fat Tire Refresh Video

At the beginning of 2023, New Belgium made big head lines in the beer world by changing the recipe of their flagship beer, Fat Tire, from an amber to a pilsner. So, to get distributors, employees, and customers on board and excited about the change, we concepted, wrote, and created this video.

Fruit Smash

Social & POS Display

To support New Belgium's launch of their new seltzer brand, Fruit Smash, we took a walk on the wild side, borrowing from their packaging to create content for social and point-of-sale displays.

Brewed for All

Custom Flags

New Belgium has found some of the most interesting ways for us to showcase design, including our first custom sewing project to hand-make flags using recycled clothes for their "Brewed for All" Campaign.

Person holding up a flag made of clothes
Close up of a flag made of clothes
Packaging & Label Design

Packaging & Label Design

As our partnership with New Belgium grew, we started working with their sister brand under the same parent company. Bell’s Brewery. We aided Bell’s with label designs and concepts for existing brands, as well as new concepts for brews they were still developing.

"You win some, you lose some, It's all the same to me. The pleasure is to play." -Motorhead
"You win some, you lose some, It's all the same to me. The pleasure is to play." -Motorhead

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