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The Warsaw

The Warsaw is a legendary venue in the Brooklyn music scene that Live Nation acquired. They reached out to us to help them brand this space in a way that was modern, hip, and respected the storied life of the venue.

Through our research, we were thrilled to discover the rich history of the venue. It was, and still is, a big part of New York’s Polish community. In fact, the space still serves up kielbasas and pierogies, as a side dish to the bass and treble offered at their shows. So we embraced the history of the venue, and weaved that into the brand story of “the place where pierogies meet punk”.

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What We Did

  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Signage
  • Apparel Design

How We Did

As Brooklyn and NYC continue to evolve and grow with new residents, telling the story of this iconic venue and giving it a solid brand foundation, helped ensure it will continue to be a mainstay of the city’s incredible music scene for decades to come.

Brand Identity

To create the brand identity, we started by digging deep into the history of the venue. The space was a cultural hub for the Polish immigrant community of NYC. After years of supporting the community, they started hosting concerts to raise money for their efforts.

Today, it’s still a safe space for those who are looking for their community, to come as they are authentically. So, we incorporated that story into our brand identity. We tweaked their existing logo to work as a brand mark, and brought to life a line that Brooklyn locals had used to describe the venue, “Where Pierogies Meet Punk”.


For the brand’s graphics, we merged punk and Polish culture together. We developed unique grungy twists on Polish folk art and iconography. The result was something that both the music and the community side of the venue could feel represented by.

Warsaw Collateral

We updated show posters and collateral with a clean, timeless design and style. We let the shows and bands themselves be the highlight and the venue’s brand take a backseat, while still being present.

Merch Designs

For the apparel design, we merged the look and feel of a punk venue with traditional Polish cross-stitch embroidery.

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Nail polish bottle floating above three stacked white stones

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